1996 Covergirl Love
The first title released under the name Dementia Cookie Box. This tape was produced just 2 days before the band's first public soiree. A limited run of 100 copies were made.
Covergirl Love spine
Covergirl Love back
Covergirl Love inside J-card
Covergirl Love parts
We were highfalutin in 1996, we were one of the only bands in our school to have our own website!
1996 The Daisy-wheel LP
The second and final "official" release from the first incarnation of the Dementia Cookie Box. Only 25 copies of this tape were made and distributed to local friends and fans of the band.
The Daisy-wheel spine
The Daisy-wheel parts
1997 Love Spawns Lament front
1997 Solo acoustic demos by Steven Baker. First recordings on the Tascam Portastudio. Final mix downs were taken to the DooWop Shop in Lexington, KY, to be transferred onto CD-r.
LSL back
Steven worked on this music while drumming for Claw. The mellow, acoustic love ballads were a complete 180 from the punchy grunge-punk that Claw was making.
LSL spine
LSL inside 1
LSL inside 2
This photograph was taken during a performance at Sullivan University during a special coffeehouse event.
1998 Candy 4 Your Soul?
Recorded shortly before the Blue EP. Steven had decided that the new industrial sounds were too far different than the original Dementia Cookie Box music, and started planning a side project as a home for them.
C4YS back
Ultimately, he could not give up on the cookies. Two of these tracks made it onto the DCB's first full-length album, Escape to Anyville, while the other two stayed with the name.
C4YS spine
The name "Candy 4 Your Soul?" is a quirky reference to a fictional scenario where bad creatures are asking if you would accept candy in exchange for your soul. The idea is that the human race is too quick to throw their faith out the window when temptation is present.
C4YS inside 1
C4YS book 1
The photocopied imagery in this booklet comes from a supplemental document for the 90s role-playing game, Vampire.
C4YS book 2
This packaging and album were never reproduced or given out to anyone. There is only 1 copy in existence, and it was hand-assembled for Steven's personal collection.
C4YS book 3
C4YS book 4
1999 Blue EP front
This 4-song demo marks a significant change in tone for the Dementia Cookie Box. Newly acquired computer software allowed Steven to create techno-industrial drum loops to lay thick, distorted guitars over top of.
DCB blue back
50 copies of this EP were hand-made and sent out to record labels in 1999.
blue spine
blue inside
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