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Dozing Lady Records can help you promote your products to a new fanbase of hundreds of eager ears by means of social media placement and regular rotation on our official streaming internet radio station... DOZING LADY RADIO! 

We have many established followers online and a growing fanbase that tracks new releases and news through our Facebook page, TikTok postings, and official Spotify playlist. We can take what you're already doing en regard to marketing and promotion and enhance it to help you expand to new listeners. 

Our promotion packages vary in price and services depending on what you're already doing, how well it is working for you, and where you want to go from here. We can plug your music on our pages and add a track to our Spotify list and leave it at that... or we can go as far as help you assemble a street team and print hand-bills and posters to help you promote upcoming shows and album release parties! 

Please think of the Lady when you're ready to start promoting your act or new release and send a message so we can help you organize a plan of attack that will help you to speed your message to the masses with great results! 

Basic Internet Promotion Package: $50

Deluxe Internet Promotion Package: $100

Promotion for live shows and album releases: $200

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