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In the summer of 1996, the Dementia Cookie Box  was preparing to unleash itself on the unsuspecting world of Jessamine County, Kentucky. Jason Goodwill and I were also members of the local high school marching band at the time, and when we weren't juggling band camp operations, we were hard at work with the DCB. The group's first show had been booked for August, a birthday pool party for Jason's cousin! I thought it was only logical to have a tape to sell at this gig... which was sure to attract many curious partygoers, er go, possible future DCB fans!


We were working on a very limited (almost non-existent) budget, but we happened to know a guy who knew a guy... and were hooked up swiftly with fellow marching band drumline dude, John Price. He and his father had a recording studio in the next town over, and John said if we could snag a board, he could come and record some songs on-location. Our bassist at the time, Shawn Demaray, said he could borrow a board from his church. We ran mixdowns through a dual-deck karaoke machine, I finished up vocals back at John's studio, and in a few hours had 3 songs ready to roll. Price did the tape duplication that evening and we had about 50 copies of the single ready to sell the next day at the party!


Here for you, after 20 years of hibernation, are those first 3 "studio" recordings, remastered by myself (from the only copy of the original cassette tape I still have) at Harvey's Head Studios, Princeton, Kentucky. To sweeten the deal, we have added very rare, very live, very raw recordings from the first two Dementia Cookie Box shows EVER! Included are three tracks from that historical pool party, and 5 more from my sister's birthday party the following month - the band's second public soiree. Also included is a demo of a rare track written by Barry and myself that we had hoped would make it onto the tape, but time constraints on both recording, as well as physical tape length squelched the deal. "How I Want You" documents the young groups' dismay towards loose women. 



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