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Over the years, Dozing Lady Records has had the privilege of working with many talented musicians who are skilled in a variety of musical styles. 

Steven Baker is available to provide studio session or live drumming, acoustic, electric guitar, or bass. Additionally Steven works often with electronic music and can craft beats or midi rhythm tracks for you to use as backing for your demos or even for a video game, website, commercial, or other type of audio/visual project.

Message now to talk with Steven about what you need for your project and if he can't provide it for you, he'll find someone who can! As the old song goes, he's "got friends in low places..." 

Session rates for Steven's drumming or other services are $20/hour. He does have several other talented musicians that work under the Dozing Lady umbrella and their fees may vary, but we are all working to help you achieve your goal and we will make sure that happens one way or another! 

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