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After the Dementia Cookie Box split up in 1997, Steven gave the mic to Barry and took a seat behind the drums. Barry tried his very successful hand at songwriting for the next few years and the band added Todd Burton on bass guitar to round out the power trio. Practicing and writing without a band name up until the day before their first public performance, Claw was finally born on a chilly October night in 1997, downtown Nicholasville, Kentucky, at the annual Jessamine Jamboree town fair.


The boys made and distributed hand-made cassette tapes full of their best tracks and built a regional buzz between 1997 and 2003. Even after they quit playing live shows, they continued to write new music under the name Frequency Lost up until 2005. Finally, after many years wait, they celebrate the digital release of their back catalog - fully remastered for your listening pleasure!  

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