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With advances in computing technology, it is easier than ever to set up a home recording studio and start contributing to the art world from the comforts of your own home. We have reached an awesome time in the evolution of mankind where even our youth are becoming skilled at audio and video production, as well as photo editing and animation... oftentimes before they even leave elementary school! 

Let's face it, if you have ears you should be able to track music. Yes, mic types and positioning does play a large role in the process for certain types of music, but with the availability of pocket computing and midi technology today, many young artists are working solely "in the box" using synthetic sounds and software instrument samples that are already presented with high definition clarity and signal processing. 

However, just because you're able to record great tracks doesn't mean you're able to make great mixes! That's where we can help. You can send your tracks to us, we can mix them, and help your creativity shine through in all its glory! 

Dozing Lady Records hosts an in-house studio suite, Harvey's Head Studios. We are able to work in GarageBand, Logic Pro, Pro-tools, or even directly to cassette through analog multitrack processing for a true vintage feel! We have a large collection of digital plugins as well as a select collection of outboard gear and microphones to help shape your sounds to your liking. 

Our pricing for mixing ranges from $30-$50 per song, depending on how many audio tracks are involved and how much process is requested. Feel free to message with your project details for a solid quote! We would love to hear from you and are excited to play a part in your future stardom! 

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