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Mastering... one of the great mysteries of the music production business. What is it? Why do I need it? Do I need it? How do I do it? Once upon a time the illusion was presented that someone in a fancy studio would hit a magic button and make your tracks sound like the Grammy-winners and Billboard chart-toppers. 

Well, while we are almost there technologically, we're not quite there, and the human ear will still always play a large role in producing great sounding master recordings. 

At Dozing Lady Records, you can send us your most recent and hottest mixes and we will beef them up and add that special something to them so you're ready to unleash them on the unsuspecting world of eager ears!

By applying a series of equalization processes, limiters, de-essing, and compression, mastering with Dozing Lady will help raise your overall volumes to broadcast signal levels and clear up some of the "mud" in your mixes by making the high ends sparkle and tightening up the low frequencies. We also have hardware capable of tape saturation emulation and analog tube/transistor processing that can be used to add professional musicality to your tracks so they greet listeners' ears with a comfortable, familiar, warm and cozy hug. 


Pricing for our mastering services range from $30-$50 per song, but we offer full-album package deals to help save $$$:


EP mastering (1-7 songs): $100

LP mastering (10-15 songs): $200

Individual songs past LP length as part of a full album: $20

Send us a message with your project details and let us help you finalize your products and help make your dreams a reality! 

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