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Fracas and Foy (2016) - Dementia Cookie Box
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Fracas and Foy (1995) - Steven Baker
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For the majority of 1994 and 95, Steven had been dabbling in songwriting with his cousin, Lester, who played drums in his high school marching band. Lester lived out of town, so they only got to hang out a couple of times a year, but when they did get together they would work on some music.


Steven needed a beat to work with, but they didn't have a drum set or any type of percussive instruments. The two gathered up some Tupperware, books and boxes and Lester would pound it out "Stomp-style." The two wrote a couple dozen songs and Steven made two tapes under the name Vultures. These early pieces were Christian rap songs with melodic shades of influence from Aerosmith, Hole and Pearl Jam.


It wasn't long before Steven realized he needed to learn an instrument to properly construct music. He knew his grandfather, Paul Tackett, used to play guitar in his younger years, and Steven asked him if he would show him a few chords. Rusty memory and a 57-year old Gibson acoustic guitar helped to introduce Steven to what would become a 20-year friendship with music. 


Using alterations of the first three chords he learned from his grandfather, he wrote three songs: Fracas and Foy, Mr. Willie, and If (in that order.)


Over 20 years later, here for pure nostalgia, is a reimagined take on the very first song Steven ever wrote after learning how to play guitar. For fun, we have also posted the original recorded demo version from 1995. Visit the YouTube video archives for rare performances of Steven's "first single," complete with music video shot by Barry Corman!  

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