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There are so many ways that people can access music today, and new ways are popping up nearly daily. Some folks download digital files, some pay for streaming services. For many, YouTube is their new music fix. However, no matter how far in the rearview mirror it may seem, a physical copy of your product is still the best way for independent artists to get word out about what they do. Try as we might, nobody has come up with a successful and interesting way to hand out a digital download or stream of a song at their live gig. People like to hold on to something and we can help provide you with that something.

Many short-run CD/DVD duplication services require a minimum order, but that's where Dozing Lady Records is different. Since 2007 we have proudly offered retail ready CD packaging to indie artists in any quantity they need. We have even hand-delivered finished, shrink-wrapped CDs to clients on stage just before the start of their show! 

Message us with your project details so we can find the right product for you, but long story short, we can offer CD/DVD duplication in whatever quantity you need and a variety of packaging options. Message now for a free, custom project quote! 

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