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So you've been bitten by the bug and you are ready to try to break into the music business... wonderful! Our world needs some new art because things are beginning to get kind of stale. Maybe you make awesome beats, or you're a songwriter or a vocalist who wants a band to work with? Maybe you have been practicing the art of music production and you're ready to start taking on clients? Whatever your position may be, it is always helpful to speak with someone who has been through it before and can help you prepare for the adventure that's ahead. 

Steven Baker has been writing, recording, producing, and performing music for 25 years. He has studied the business of music production through Berklee College of Music and has a business degree from Sullivan University. Steven has worked as a touring musician, a session musician, production engineer for live performances, and has been an active songwriter since he was fifteen years old. Steven has published over 200 songs through five musical projects ranging from techno-industrial electronic music to 90s grunge rock, and even a ukulele-driven electro-folk fusion. 

Steven has learned from mistakes and has also seen techniques and methods that are successful. Book a consultation appointment today so you don't have to waste time making mistakes and can jump right to the good stuff! Steven can talk with you about production, publishing, marketing, live performances/booking, and the importance of branding! 

Consultations can be over the phone, virtual via Skype or other video call platform, or if you're local you can schedule a face-to-face meeting to talk about your dreams and future aspirations! The set rate for professional consultation is $25 and an average session lasts about an hour. 

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