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Dozing Lady Records and Harvey's Head Studios are available now for your sound production needs.  We offer a wide variety of digital plugins, microphones, and outboard gear to help you sculpt your sounds. We can help you at all levels of your project. If you need tracks from start to finish, we can do that. If you just need mixing and you have alredy recorded all your parts, we can do that too. Maybe you've already engineered most of the project and just need some mastering before you call your art a finished piece. You guessed it, we got you covered there also. 

Here's the best part though, Harvey's Head Studios is 100% FULLY MOBILE, so we can come to your recording space and track your heart and soul with home court advantage. We can even follow you to your next gig and cut a great quality live album for you! 

Send us a message now to tell us about your project needs and we'll provide you with a custom quote that will make everyone involved happy and ready to roll. 


Tracking: $75 per hour for general tracking, mic placement, room treatment, etc. 

Mixing: $30-50 per song (see Mixing page for more information)

Mastering: $30-50 per song (see Mastering page for more information)

On-site recording: $100 per hour plus travel expenses (gas/lodging)

Live sound recording: $200 per hour plus travel expenses (see Lighting and Sound page for more information)

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